Breakfast and Brunch


Rise, shine and open up your taste-buds with Scranton's Catering's Breakfast and Brunch style service. Available on-site in either of our exclusive venues, Scranton's and Grand Magnolia Ballroom and Suites, or off-site delivered direct to your location. Breakfast or brunch events include self-serve beverages including orange juice and cranberry juice. Our black disposable plates and utensils are included as well but upgrades are available as an add-on.


Scranton's Catering is a full-service company that provides moderated levels of service options as well as drop-off services. With our professional service staff handling your event… you won't have to worry about a thing.


Full-service proposals include our professional service staff, all display and serving pieces required for your confirmed menu, beverage bar, plates, utensils and anything else your guests will need for food and beverage during your event. We arrive early and stay after to ensure everything is handled swiftly and professionally. Our service staff roams the room during your event picking up empty plates and trash, handling spills, ensuring the food display stays refreshed and the beverage station stays clean. You've done a lot of work to provide a comfortable atmosphere for your guests and we are there to make sure it stays that way.


Drop-Off services provide your confirmed menu in disposable pans, trays and bowls. Disposable serving utensils, plates, eating utensils and cups are provided as well. Beverages are provided by the gallon and ice is available upon request. 


Breakfast and Brunch proposals with Scranton's Catering average approximately $20/person. With that being said, we have produced Breakfast and Brunch events ranging from $15/person up to $35+/person.


After reviewing over the menu options below and the information above, please contact us if you are interested in a custom proposal based on your specific Breakfast or Brunch needs. We look forward to working with you!


Breakfast & Brunch Menu for your Early Morning Event


Just Desserts Menu to add a Sweet Treat to your Event

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