Off-Site Alcohol Service


As the host of your event you have a few options pertaining to alcohol service:

Option 1: You may supply the alcohol and set-ups and Scranton's Catering will supply the bar staff. 

Option 2: You may supply the alcohol and Scranton's Catering will supply the bar staff and the set-ups. 

Option 3: Scranton's Catering supplies the alcohol, bar staff and the set-ups. (Click Here for Pricing)


Due to insurance restrictions any event where Scranton's Catering is on property and alcohol is being served, is required to use Scranton's bar staff. Scranton's Catering also recommends that security be hired when alcohol is being served.


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Set-Ups provided by Scranton's Catering: $2.25 per person plus tax & service charge.

This includes plasticware, ice, lemons, limes, cherries, olives, coke, diet coke, sprite, soda water, tonic water, fruit juices and other bar supplies. 


If glass is preferred a charge to cover the cost of rental glasses will be added. Any glasses that are taken or broken by guests are the responsibility of the host.


Bar Staff: For alcohol service we require a minimum of 1 Bartender and 1 Bar Back per every 100 guests.* The hours estimated for Bar Staff on your proposal will include Travel Time, Set-Up, Event Time and Breakdown/Clean-Up. Tipping staff is at the discretion of the client.
*Staff requirements stated above are a minimum requirement. Your Event Specialist will determine the exact number of staff needed on a case by case basis.


Handling fees for host provided beverages will be agreed upon before event.


Scranton's reserves the right to discontinue service of alcoholic beverages to any group, or individual guest when our personnel determine that such service would not be in the best interest of the hosts, the guest or Scranton's. 


Alcoholic beverages will not be served to minors.


An 18% production fee and Mississippi sales tax 7% will be added to all prices above.

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