Suggestions From Client's


Suggestions From Previous Clients

This is a new section that we are starting under the assumption that everyone is looking for ideas from clients whom have already experienced what you are about to go through.  Please feel free to make suggestions by emailing us at service@scrantons.com



The consensus of most of our clients is to save your time and money because a majority of the invited guests will not RSVP.  A most recent wedding that we did the client guaranteed 300 guests even though only 100 had sent in a RSVP.  They ended up with 325 guests.  The best way to come up with a valid number is to sit down with your guest list with as many of the family members as possible and go through it name by name.  You will be surprised at questionable names that can either be confirmed as attending or not attending.  The questionable ones should be called if you feel comfortable doing that.  You can also estimate that half of your invited guests will attend the more widespread across the country they are.  The closer the proximity of your guest list the percentages go up to as much as 70%.  Guest lists that are very selective in the beginning can count on 90-95% attendance.


Class Reunions

These are nightmares from beginning until the actual weekend of the event.  First of all most of the committee members have strong feelings about what makes a reunion attractive to attendees and successful.  Some of the common mistakes are:

  • Expecting classmates to collect money and police the front door.  Either hire security or anonymous people to work the door it will save a lot of conflict.  One of the best ideas we have heard is to get your old teachers to man the door.  You will be surprised how much influence they still hold over their old students. 
  • Loading the weekend up with to many events, which raises costs unnecessarily.
  • Charging to little assuming that people will stay away because of cost.
  • Charging to much (see first mistake).
  • Agonizing over choosing the right date for the reunion.  The thinking is there is a magical date that will fit everyone's schedule. The secret is to schedule the date as far as in advance as possible and get the word out ASAP. If you want to see everyone schedule mini reunions during the interim off years of the usual every 5 or 10 year main get together.
  • Wasting time on asking the locals why they are not attending.  Most of them will tell you that they see everyone they want to see all the time.  They will say that it costs to much.  They will come up with a variety of reasons which are hard to understand because they are just excuses.  There are many theories as to what the real reasons are so just accept the fact that they are either going to attend or not.  The out of townies will come and the core group of in townies will come and it will be fun.  Usually once someone attends their first reunion it is not hard to get them to come back.
  • Scheduling the event around holiday's or VIP's schedules.  See next mistake.
  • Assuming the summer is the best time to have reunion because people will plan their summer vacation around the event.  Think about it would your family want to center their vacation around the reunion?  How thrilled is your non class member spouse about attending? 
  • Hiring a band instead of a DJ or background music.  The attendees are there to TALK to each other and VISIT for at least the first 3 hours.  After that they MIGHT want to dance. It is very hard to talk over a band.  Also don't waste time, energy or money on a lot of decorations because they are there to look at each other not to look at decorations.
  • Using a Casino for the Reunion.  If you really don't want to see your classmates schedule it at a Casino.  Plan on visiting with them on the gaming floor.  You will be looking at an empty banquet room that y'all spent a lot of money on with nobody in it. The only upside is you might run into a few of the in townies that didn't want to come to the reunion but will go to a Casino to see all those people they see anyway!!


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