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Dear Prospective Client:

These pages are filled with fresh and contemporary menus. They represent only a starting point however. Our commitment to you is to customize menus for any occasion, small or large. You will find that we offer fresh ingredients, thoughtful service, creative preparations and presentation. We would be pleased to help you design a menu for your next event. If we can offer you more information or if you would like to make an appointment, please call Richard Chenoweth, Amy Chenoweth or Charlotte Eiland at 228-769-5944.  You may reach Richard directly by calling him at 228-355-0213 or via e-mail


When Selecting a Caterer

When selecting a Caterer you may wish to inquire if they will provide the following:

  • Health Department Permit to Operate
  • Business License and Sales Tax number
  • Liability Insurance for Food & Alcohol
  • List of References
  • Detailed and thorough proposals
  • Compliance to your requests and budget

Arranging and Reserving a Date

Even if the date of the event is only tentative, please make arrangements with the catering office so that we can at least get you on our records. Any event bookings need to be arranged at least 10 days before the event. A non-refundable 25% deposit holds the date and will be deducted from your final bill. The details and specifics need to be confirmed so we may determine which of the services we offer would best fit your needs. After we have finalized all the details of your special event, any cancellations and final changes, including the customer guarantee count MUST take place at least SEVEN business days prior to your function. Charges will be incurred if you make any cancellations or changes after that time. If you do not contact us with a final count within the SEVEN business days allowed, we will prepare for the estimated number and charge accordingly. To ensure the accurate communication of information necessary in making your function as successful as possible, we prefer to work with one person in the planning of your event.


Guarantee Policy

The guaranteed number is the established minimum number for billing purposes on all service functions. If fewer guests attend than guaranteed, you will be charged for the guaranteed number. If the number of guests attending exceeds the guarantee you will be charged an additional 25% over and above regular charges for the extra guests. The reason for the up-charge is that unexpected guests cause last-minute stress on everyone and embarrassment for us and the host.  So, if you think you may have additional guests it will be less costly to guarantee them in advance.  As a general "rule of thumb" for a wedding reception you can estimate the number to be 60% of the total amount invited. Remember each invitation usually invites at least two people. Scranton's reserves the right to substitute other available food and services if necessary when the guaranteed number of guests is exceeded or when the guaranteed number is received less than SEVEN DAYS prior to the event.  It takes a lot of work on your part to get your guests to RSVP it is not supposed to be that way but it is.  A few weeks before your event go over your guest list and start eliminating the ones that you know are coming.  For the rest pick up the phone or send them an e-mail asking if they are going to attend.  It's a lot of work but it will pay off in the end.


Food and Beverages

All Federal, State, and local laws with regard to food and beverage purchases or consumption are enforced. All food and beverages must be purchased from Scranton's by prearrangement. Guests or other invitees may not bring any food or beverage of any kind, with the exception of wedding cakes, into Scranton's. Scranton's prepares your menu selections based on the guaranteed number of guests. There will be ample amounts to ensure that all guests at the event enjoy an attractive and plentiful selection of food. "What happens if there is left over food?"  "Since I am paying for the food, can I take whatever is left?"  Due to Health Department regulations (storage and temperature) and liability insurance concerns  leftover food will be disposed.  However we will pack a "go" selection of food for the bride and groom that has been stored properly. All alcoholic beverages must be consumed within Scranton's premises; open containers or glasses of such beverages may not be taken out of the banquet hall.


Service Staffing

Each event differs from the next event. For a food display or buffet style event, we estimate for every 100 guests you need a minimum of 2 Service Staff and if you are having a plated and served dinner you need a minimum of 2 servers per every 40 guests.*  The hours estimated for Service Staff on your proposal will include Travel Time, Set-Up, Event Time and Breakdown/Clean-up.  For off premise events driving time to and from the event is also added. We do offer Wedding Cake cutting service please see below under Wedding Cake and Groom's Cake Service  

*Staff requirements stated above are a minimum requirement. Your Event Specialist will determine the exact number of staff needed on a case by case basis.


Bar Staffing

For alcohol service we require a minimum of 1 Bartender and 1 Bar Back per every 100 guests.* The hours estimated for Bar Staff on your proposal will include Travel Time, Set-Up, Event Time and Breakdown/Clean-Up. Tipping staff is at the discretion of the client.

*Staff requirements stated above are a minimum requirement. Your Event Specialist will determine the exact number of staff needed on a case by case basis.


Food Displays & Tablescapes

We do not provide tablecloths for any off premise events. The client will be required to rent the cloths at the same time they rent the tables needed for guest and food display. The rental companies stock and provide cloths that fit the tables that they provide through their company. After 30 years in the industry we have found there is a 100% chance that cloths we provide will get mixed up in the rental companies cloths which takes unnecessary time and labor required by both companies to straighten out these mix-ups.


Reserving a Location

Whether the event is to take place on premise or off premise, the location reservation needs to be confirmed before we will deliver. Off premise events will be your responsibility to arrange for tables, tablecloths, chairs, glassware, plates and other equipment needed, this includes tables and tablecloths that our catering department will need for serving food and beverages.  Your Event Specialist can assist you with the rentals or will handle it for you.


Price Quotations

Please allow us approximately 2 to 3 weeks from initial consultation to properly organize, cost and finalize your quote.  Price quotations, verbal or written, are subject to change up to 30 days prior to your event due to fluctuations in food costs or increased costs of operation. All food and beverages served are subject to an 18% Production Fee and 9% Mississippi sales tax. In the case of extensive set up and clean up requirements needed of Scranton's staff, a fee may be applied to the bill, to cover those hours of service.    


What is the Production Fee?

The production fee is NOT a gratuity, but is an additional charge that is used to cover certain additional costs that are associated with each event. These costs include everything that goes into planning your event from the initial consultation, phone calls, food transporting and display equipment on the day of your event. Including but not limited to the following: Administrative costs such as appointments, scheduling, ordering, paperwork, proposal preparation, licensing and banking.  We also have other indirect costs such as office & setup staff that work behind the scenes on every event, but aren't included in your labor fees.  Liability insurance to cover any damages or injuries caused by our staff or our equipment to any guests or property.  This relieves the client of liability or responsibility when an accident is our fault. Vehicle insurance and costs not covered by a delivery/fuel charge. The production fee helps offset the costs of going the extra mile, such as handling the rental equipment and assisting with the non-catering related elements of a party, wedding or event.  Sales tax is applicable to this production fee because it is not paid out 100% to an employee.


Why is there an Up-charge for Parties Less Than 100 Guests?

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE It takes the same amount of staff and facilities to prepare food for less than 100 guests.  The cost of the food under each of our menus covers staff preparation costs and that cost is spread over a minimum of 100 guests.  If your party is less than 100 guests there is an up-charge added to cover the cost of the preparing the food and the facility for your event.

The following surcharges** apply for fewer than 100 Guests
     50 to 99 Guests         Add 20% 
     25 to 49 Guests         Add 40%
     Under 25 Guests         Add 60%


Why are there separate charges for add ons?

Over the last 35 years Scranton's has catered over 10,000 different events from 10 people to 5,000.  There is no possible way that a "one price fits all" package would be fair to all of  those different events.  We treat each event as a unique opportunity and price it accordingly.


Wedding Cake and Groom's Cake Service

We recommend finding an Aunt, Cousin or someone else close to you who would like to be involved in your special day to handle cutting and serving your cake. You can also ask the creator of your cake to cut and serve your cake on your wedding day. Scranton's will handle this service for you if needed though. For $1 per person (minimum $100.00) we can cut your cake and provide clear plastic plates and forks and small plain white napkins for serving. For $2.00 (minimum $100.00) per person we can cut your cake and provide 5" clear glass plates and silver metal flatware. Tents, Tables, Chairs, China, Silverware, Coffee Urns, Etc are among many items that also can be arranged for rental. 


After Your Event is Over  

The following applies to events held at any of Scranton's venues.  At the end of your event your only responsibility is to clear the room of any decorations that you brought in.  Clean up is the responsibility of the Service Staff that you have hired.  Any decorations that are left will be disposed of unless prior arrangements have been made with management.  When your event is off premise the Venue's rules will determine what Scranton's end of the party responsibilities will be. These responsibilities will be determined before your event. 



All bands or DJ's must finish their last set by 12:00 a.m. The banquet room must be vacated by 12:30 a.m.  Last call will be given on all cocktail service no later than 11:30 p.m. Scranton's reserves the right to control all functions held on the premises, and to discontinue service of alcoholic beverages at any time, if, in the judgement of management, it would be in the best interest of Scranton's, and the guests, to do so.


Private Property

Scranton's does not allow the affixing of anything to the plaster walls, floor, furnishings, or ceilings with nails, tape, staples, tacks or any other substance. Trellises are exempt.  Scranton's does not allow confetti, sand or glitter to be used in decorations. The host or sponsor of an event assumes responsibility for any and all damages to, or loss of property from, the banquet room or other areas of the banquet hall caused by the guests, invitees, or independent contractors affiliated with the function. Incidental fees may be incurred if these policies are not respected by the host or the hosts guests.

Click here to view Scranton's Upstairs Ballroom Diagram Measurements


Personal Property

Scranton's has limited space available to store personal property, equipment, or supplies belonging to or rented by the host. We will be happy to work with you in setting up the time the property can be brought in and where it can be stored. However Scranton's will not assume or accept responsibility for damage to, or loss of, personal articles or rented equipment left in the banquet hall prior to, or following any function.



Scranton's has space available for private functions with seating capacities ranging from 16 to 200 guests. These rooms are reserved for events at the discretion of Scranton's based on estimates given at the time of the initial booking. Scranton's reserves the right to relocate any function to an alternate room within Scranton's.  There is no charge for the downstairs rooms except on weekends.  There is a $600 per day charge for the upstairs banquet facility for events.

For more information click on Catering Locations Section



All catered functions must be settled SEVEN days prior to the function unless prior arrangements have been made between Scranton's and Host. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash and Checks.  Payments not made by two days after your event will be subject to an additional 10% charge on the total bill.  The 10% charge will be added each week until the bill has been settled.  There will also be a minimum $100


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